Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a Wedding Planner, but I noticed that you do not have Day of services.  Why is that?

Thank you for asking! Day of services are defined as working with a couple 6 weeks to 3 months prior to their wedding day, assuming that all wedding professionals have been booked and most wedding details have been taken care of.  The couple assumes responsibility for most of the planning.

The weddings that I have a pleasure of producing for my clients are customized to requests of having a one of a kind wedding. That means that we begin working with our clients early in their engagement to create and design the wedding of their dreams.  Due to the extensive details that our Full Service wedding collection entails, we are unable to provide Day of coordination.  However, we do offer Partial Planning services, which begin at or around 6 months or less. 

What types of weddings do you accommodate?

We accommodate all multicultural weddings, which includes Indian Weddings, Nigerian Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Serbian Weddings, and Asian Weddings, just to name a few.  We truly enjoy the joining together of couples with similar and/or different cultures, traditions, and religions.

I have looked over your wedding collections, but they don't have a price attached.  What are your fees?

At K. Scott Weddings, we understand that each of our clients have different requests and different styles. Before we can quote you or a potential client with our rates, we have to find out exactly what you are looking for.  That includes an initial consultation to discuss in detail, all that you have envisioned for your wedding day.  Once we have that information, we will get back to you with a customized collection to fit your needs. 

I really love your work, but some people say that I can be a bit of a diva. I have to be in control. Will you have an issue with that if we work together?

We have had the pleasure of working with brides, grooms, and their families that come from multiple backgrounds, races, creeds, etc.  In my 6 years of planning, I have fired only 1 client.  To simplify, we do not work with clients that are micro-managers and we have a zero tolerance policy for individuals that are disrespectful or rude to any members of the K.Scott Weddings team.  We work so closely with our clients with all the details of their wedding day, that we really don't have clients that feel the need to be in "control"..  We work for our clients, not in place of our clients, and if you agree and trust our decisions to create a spectacular event for you, then yes, we can work together.

I have noticed that you provide other services besides your wedding collections.  Can you discuss that with me?

My pleasure. K. Scott Weddings offers multiple services, including piping/draping, specialty linens, invitations, and lounge furniture rentals.   We provide the upscale and modern details that will create the upscale atmosphere that you have envisioned for your wedding day.   

Do you accept "kickbacks" from other wedding professionals?

We absolutely refuse to accept kickbacks from wedding professionals.  We believe in ethical and honest practices.  Our preferred list of wedding professionals are carefully selected, and are the top professionals in their field.  We work with trusted professionals to ensure your wedding day is seamless and unforgettable.

I am really impressed with what I have seen so far.  What are my next steps to secure your services?

Our next step will be to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can determine if we are a good fit for each other.  We will discuss all of your ideas for your wedding day.  When you decide to partner with me to plan your wedding day, I will send you a proposal for services to be approved, followed by our contract.  We hope that you select us to be apart of your special day!