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It's Engagement season, and I recently had a chance to get to know a great company called Brilliant Earth.  Brilliant Earth specializes in high quality fine jewelry for every occasion. BE1BD12R2_round_white_top_4_t_w300_h300


In addition to all the beautiful, luxury jewelry that represents their brand, they serve a greater purpose.   Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg founded Brilliant Earth in 2005 and strongly believes in providing their customers with conflict free diamonds.  Their overall goal is to provide quality, foster change, and promote growth within the jewelry industry.

Brilliant Earth is also involved in giving back to the community.  There has been a lot of communities that have been affected by the unethical practices of obtaining blood diamonds within the jewelry industry.  Brilliant Earth has made it their goal to give 5% of their profits back into those communities.

I am very excited to introduce this company to you, as they celebrate the National Launch of their Wisteria Collection today!


Amore Diamond Ring




To learn more of Brilliant Earth and to see their luxury jewelry collection, visit their website.