Inspire Me Monday :: Office Makeover {NC Wedding Planner}

As a Wedding Planner with an Interior Design background, it's really easy to create and design for my clients.  I can sketch out exactly what my clients envision in the first 5 minutes of speaking with them.  However, when it comes to the things that I want, it can take me a few weeks, even months to make a decision. I have been planning an office makeover for months now.  This shouldn't be this hard, right?  One of my goals for 2014 was to get this office completed.  So, here we go!

I have set a timeline to get this office completed in 4 weeks.  The space is my  formal dining room (which we never use), so this week is all about prepping and clearing out the items.

Formal Dining Room

Now that you have seen what it looks like today, here are a few inspiration pictures that will help to pull off the look and feel  I'm going for!








That was just a small idea of what I am envisioning for my office makeover.  There will be pops of color, so definitely stay tuned to see how I create a mood board and pull everything together!