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There are two basic human needs in society and that is life and love.  When it comes to the joining together of two hearts, two souls, and two cultures, the planning process can be a bit stressful. When it comes to incorporating culture into a wedding, couples can share the same cultural background, they can have different cultural backgrounds, and even different faiths/religions.  No matter what the circumstance, here are a few great tips to planning your fabulous multicultural union.

Tips on Planning your Multicultural Wedding

1. Communication is key - Tradition can be important to your parents if you are incorporating cultural aspects of your heritage into your wedding.  Be sure to discuss your plans with both sides of the family.   This will be a great time to plan out what rituals will stay, and what will be left out.

Cultural Wedding

2. Hire a Wedding Planner (A Professional) - Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, especially when specific customs will be displayed throughout your wedding day.  A Wedding Planner will not only be there to ensure the decor looks great, but they're present to assist in creating a planned timeline. This will ensure that the entire event runs smoothly and that all cultural aspects are carried out.  This task is for a project manager and requires great time management. Leave it to a professional.

3. Choose a venue to accommodate your needs - Multicultural weddings, from my experience, tend to have a large guest count. It's usually 300+.  Whatever your guest count may be, select the right venue to accommodate your wedding.  Hotels and conference centers are great venues for large wedding guests.  Be sure to discuss your needs with your venue coordinator and know the rules regarding rental times, catering needs (bringing in traditional foods), and decor.

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4. Personalize your Ceremony - Couples may share different ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Most Officiant's today specialize in Interfaith unions.  Be sure to find an Officiant that can become your marriage counselor as well, and assist you both in blending both cultures into the ceremony.

Multicultural Ceremony

5. Educate your Guests - Multicultural weddings can have multiple rituals incorporated into the ceremony and it can also be a little lengthy.  Prepare your guests by including the information in your programs.  Educating your guests will help them to feel like they are apart of the ceremony.

Multicultural Invitations

6. Enjoy fabulous cuisine -  Make a great statement by bringing in cuisine from your culture.  Creating food stations is a great way to do this.  Also, be sure to have options for guests who may be vegetarian/vegan or pescatarian.

Cultural Wedding Cuisine

7. Have fun and enjoy the moment - Remember that your day is to celebrate the joining together of your love, life, and culture.  Your personality and style should be placed in every aspect of your wedding day.  Add a special dance at the reception that you both share together or have traditional dancers from your culture entertain your guests before you are introduced as husband and wife.  It's a celebration, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment!

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