Outdoor Wedding/Reception Tips :: Greensboro Wedding Planner

Having an upcoming outdoor ceremony and/or reception?  I want to give you some helpful tips that will keep your guests cool and make your special day flawless. Most outdoor ceremonies do not provide much protection from the sun.  An option is to install oversized umbellas throughout your guest seating area.   This will allow your guests to still experience the outdoors and remain cool during your ceremony.



Another fun idea is to provide your guests with fans programs that can keep them cool,  as well as a serve as a ceremony program or table assignment.



Finally, you may be planning to also have your guests outside during cocktail hour.  A fun way to keep your guests cool is to provide them with a little treat, popsicles .  You can choose your favorite flavors, and even personalize the popsicle sticks.  Don't forget to supply baskets of ice cold water bottles that can be easily accessible to your guests.