Destination Wednesday :: Sandals La Toc { NC Destination Wedding Planner }

So you have been reading my blog and discovering that Sandal's has so much to offer, right?  As I have stated in the last series,  Sandals has more quality inclusions than any other resort on the planet.  What does that mean? Well it means that when you get to your resort you can put your wallet away.  Today, we are going to revisit what we discussed last week, which was vacationing based on your mood. As you know, I love planning weddings that are upscale and sophisticated, and my clients reflect that.   So let's say that they want to visit a location that speaks sophistication.  That resort is Sandals La Toc. Sandals La Toc  is absolutely stunning.  If you want to be "submerged in luxury and pampered every minute", then this the resort for you!

Take a look at one of Sandals' top selling suites, "The Millionaire Suite".  This suite is nestled right on the mountain top to give you a gorgeous 360 degree view of Saint Lucia.  This suite comes with a walk out pool, as well as a whirlpool.  The view alone will leave you speechless.

LaToc1 LaToc2

Saint Lucia also offers oceanfront villas with private pools, balcony suites, and much more.    Read all about Sandals La Toc in Saint Lucia and see if this is the right location for your next getaway, wedding, or honeymoon and I will be right here to guide you through the planning process!