Meet my Intern!! :: Greensboro NC Wedding Planner

I am so happy to introduce you to my summer/fall intern Kate!  After 67 applicants and 10 initial interviews, Kate was selected.  I am confident that she will bring creativity and value to my company. Get to know Kate!!


Hi!  My name is Kathaleen, Kate for short. I am 25 years old and a server at Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen. I have been there for the last six years of my life and I feel it has prepared me for the event/wedding planning world. Serving has taught me to work and relate to all diverse types of personalities and I have grown to appreciate such interactions. When it comes to weddings and events, I am all about the decor. I love seeing the different and creative ideas for centerpieces, lighting, flowers, and everything else in between. I appreciate being immersed in the ambiance that the couple is trying to set. From an outdoor barn wedding to a traditional church ceremony, the decor can really set the mood.

When I am not working I love to read anything and everything, and most likely more than once. I am a big crafter as will, a DIY kind of person. My boyfriend of four years and I have two dogs, a Weimeraner (3) and a Rottweiler (8 months).  Most of my family live in New Jersey,  but my parents and siblings live in NC. I am the oldest out of four and I am a big family person I love spending time with them.