I Can't Be Your $500 Wedding Planner

As a Wedding Planner, I truly enjoy working with my clients who trust me 100% to ensure that their wedding day is seamless and stress free.  I also know that not every potential client will be able to hire me as their planner.  I say this because recently, I have had a few inquiries from potential brides asking, "Why are you so expensive?" or "Can you not lower that price to $500?".    The simple answer is no, I cannot become your $500 Wedding Planner. A few years ago, a Wedding colleague stated on their blog that (paraphrasing) if you were ever in trouble with the law, would you prefer a public defender to represent you? or will you hire the best lawyer that you can find?  or let me ask you this question, you are having a beautiful home built and you receive a few quotes.  Will you decide to go with the inexpensive quote just because you can get a good deal, or will you take experience, expertise, and reviews to select the right person to build your home?   Just remember that cheaper isn't always better, especially when it comes to the most important day for you. Here is a simple equation that may raise your eyebrows a bit.   Say for instance that I took you on as a client for $500.  You hired me 6 weeks in advance for Month of Services.  This will include meetings, venue visit, wedding day, and any last minute details that you may have.

$500/6 weeks =  $83.33  a week

$83.33 / 5 days = $16.67/day

Would you work for $16.67 a day? That is less than $100 a week. I doubt you would do that.

I have a Professional planning license, as well as a State license that must be covered each year for me to stay in business.  I also have a wonderful office, as well as business expenses that helps to keep things running smoothly.  However, it's not always about the money, but more about my consistency to maintain my professionalism.  I have to charge you for my time, expertise, and overall knowledge.

I am not a Wedding Director (Facilitates the ceremony only), nor am I Wedding Decorator (Decorates ceremony/reception only).  I am a Wedding Planner and a Designer.  This means that I work with my clients to come up with actual design concepts that can be incorporated into your ceremony/reception.  Everything is detailed, organized, and personalized from beginning to end.

I truly enjoy meeting potential clients and discussing their overall vision for their wedding day. I also enjoy building a relationship with my clients who understand the importance of a successfully orchestrated and planned wedding.  This isn't a hobby for me,  but my career and that is why I can't be your $500 planner.